Baudrillard goes to Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to know what America is really, really like, go to Phoenix, Arizona. It is simultaneously the strangest, most alienating city in the world, and also the most mundane, most maddeningly boring and unremarkable settlement in all of human history. 'This city should not exist, it is a testament to man's arrogance.' History, … Continue reading Baudrillard goes to Phoenix, Arizona


The ‘horrible’ & the ‘terrible’ & Lust

''they're sellin' you love in a satellite...' [no bullshit, this is the first thing i thought about today, like as i was waking up, i wrote all this... i dont know why] Remember your English 102 text, the section on gothic literature. Writers back in the day would debate the definitions of horror and terror; … Continue reading The ‘horrible’ & the ‘terrible’ & Lust