“Faced with the choice between a library and a brawl, you will unquestionably choose the brawl.”

This is the sewerage that spews my dreams (or rather, the-dreams-that-occur-in-me) into the voidness of the internet. Bare a few things in mind as I bare my mind, namely that I’m a humble mortal such as you whose thoughts and feelings could hardly remain the same through the torrent of lifewind which pierces so dearly our insides; we can’t even remember what we ate for breakfast without thinking really hard, so why would you curse me for trying to think?

I  hope you enjoy the pretty pictures that I find and steal from other people. I do write the words, myself, though. Or rather, the words-that-are-written-in-me.

We can pretend to be friends and maintain the digital illusion of a connection on Twitter:




All is Copyright @ Karma Face


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