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A specific line from this article struck me.

[But the lobbyists warned that the attacks on the financial sector were creating “a larger problem when people don’t trust banks and financial institutions.”]

Apparently bankers are worried that us commoners will ‘lose faith’ in things like the Federal Reserve, loans, whatever. They are pressuring the Democratic party to cut it out with all the feints of punishing Wall Street. They want to excommunicate Elizabeth Warren, basically.

Condescending, no? I imagine priests and nobles having similar conversations, fretting over how pious and fearing they could keep the peasants.

They’re being overcautious. It’s not that we ‘believe-in’ or have any kind of ‘faith’ in the Federal Reserve, we just don’t really get it. We don’t understand what that is. I have a college degree in sociology. I have a pretty vague picture of the Federal Reserve as a sort of Superbank thing. I don’t really know what it does. I’m not sure I want to.

But one thing I do understand is the need for people to believe in such fictive-social constructions like money, government, capitalism, democracy, so that we continue blindly reproducing our oppression every day. The system runs on faith. The dollar doesn’t actually ‘mean’ anything, besides the action you undertake, under it’s spell.

Go to a Circle Kay. Buy a coffee.

‘That’s 1.39$’

‘Oh, ha. Sorry. I don’t really… believe in all that…’

Is that what the banker is knitting his brows over? What the worried little fat banker was really fretting over, what he was really trying to say, is that it’s important for His system that we continue our allegiance to capitalist democracy in it’s entirety. He was making a cute little metonymic reference- ‘the Fed.’ You mean your evil War Machine? You want us to stop saying the ‘socialism’ word? What are you trying to say, little banker man?

Tolstoy and Gorky. I’ve always laughed at the pen names of Soviet poets. Maxim Gorky. Imagine a radical American poet calling himself ‘Max Bitter.’ Oh god.

In fact, it’s more and more clear that this is precisely our crisis right now. People no longer believe in liberal capitalism, or capitalist-democracy, or neoliberalism, whatever emphasis you choose. Alternatives are beginning to gain ground, slowly and steadily.

Yes, the time is ripe for a new fiction.

I’m sorry to point out such an apparent historical truth, but socialism will never really work anywhere unless it happens in the United States first. And Socialism will never work in the United States unless it is more seductive and more obvious than hollywood capitalism. And that’s quite a challenge. We’re talking a full on revolution of values, overturning 500 years of the capitalist tumor, before it swallows gaia. See what I mean? We gotta start saying shit like that- dramatic, movie-premier situation.

It has to be sexy. Romantic. Socialism-as-quest. Fuck yeah.

Anyways. That’s not even what I wanted to write about. I was thinking about different values. Values of socialist societies, where people don’t get excited over next year’s car model or next month’s iphone. The ideal was always that while socialism doesn’t make you rich, it does make you free. Most people in socialist countries have much more time on their hands and many less cares and worries to occupy that time. ‘Sort of a benevolent boredom,’ as the heretic-cycnic Zizek said, describing life in the former-Y.

No, but really. I had kind of a mindfuck moment last night as I realized I’ve been living my life by entirely the wrong ideas. I’m one of those success-obsessed, cold-hearted Americans. I spend all my time in my individual pursuit of ‘being a writer’ and very little time, now, appreciating the depth to which I feel existence. On the rare occasions that I actually spend time with family or friends (which I miraculously have, thank god) I usually waste those moments being anxious and nervous and trying to keep my face from revealing what a maladjusted, confused, devastated soul I’ve been warped into. No longer. I don’t care anymore. I just want to be present with you. I don’t care what problems and abnormalities I may or may not possess. I don’t care. I want to enjoy all the presence I can muster in every interaction. I want to honor and respect the being-ness of all of my relations. I want to deeply feel sociality, humanity, life, and I know that only exists between us, as we make it, with our mutual believing.

Fuck the Fed.

Anyways. I don’t know what logical string there is in all of this. But yeah. That’s the idealistic value system of socialism. The only reason I can aspire to any of those basic values is because I’ve met people who lived in ‘vreme socializme’ and who explained to my brainwashed American mind what human values and human life actually are.

Okay. That’s all. Fuck the internet. I’m going to go eat spaghetti with my parents now. Yes, I live with my parents.

Enjoy. Life.


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