amortality/humus/sapiens/Lord buddha


Weird Universe, huh?

A weird book was passed me, illegally, in my email. Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind.

Apparently there were other species of hominid, living in communities, continuously, for 2 million years. Two Million Years. Our particular strain has only been ravaging the planet for 150,000.

Two Million Years, the other humans were living, just doing their thing.

Do you think human life is some sort of special project? Some sort of grand design of the universe, that we have a destiny to progress to higher and higher levels of civilization?

Or are we like a parasitic breed of gnats, a function of nature to decompose and consume the earth, swarming it with our multiplying bodies, like a rotting fig?


But decomposition is just one ugly phase of the organic matter. The ruined, ravaged, plastic-strewn corpse of the post-sapiens Earth would linger on and be re-organized. A million years would pass. The silent dance of Evolution wouldn’t stop in the poisoned swamps and radioactive soup of the seas. That maddening wordless dance of evolution. We never loved it.

Millions of years. Voidness. How will we stop our disintegration? How will we send our screams passed the realm of being, into the den of voidness and dreams and meaning?

Are we clay, raised howling into animation from the dust and stew, pulled from stone to raise a short, brutal scream of dissatisfaction, of disaffection, of nescience and miscreancy, ‘not good enough, whyyy…!!’ as we crumble, disintegrate back into the humus and black soil? ‘fuck you…!’ But is there a ‘you?’ Was there ever ‘us?’ Who is there, outside of ‘us,’ to substantiate that claim and validate our apparent being-ness?

How will we escape our disintegration? Amortality? We will shield ourselves from the atom-plucking breeze of the god’s exhalations and preserve our forms in the preference of our atom-bombs and napalm and desire-slavery.

Amortality. Humus-human sapien. How will we stop our disintegration? They were here Two Million Years. Two disintegration nescience howling clay figurines of goddess sculptures in Plato’s caves save



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