-isms of race, bill maher, the cop$


Of all the ism’s in the world, interlocking, inter-enabling, counter-reinforcing as they all are, I think race-ism is the most symptomatic, the ugliest, the most obvious folly.

And there’s a whole lot of god damn racism going around.

Bill Maher, the cops, Lebron James, the cops again, and again, the white power fucks.

Unfathomable. The list goes on and on, but that’s just (half of) the last week or so.

That talk between Ice Cube and Bill Maher just made me feel like Ice Cube should take over the show from here on out. He’s way more charismatic and funny and smart. Of course Symone Sanders bestows some undeserving grace and education on Mr. Maher. She should’ve gone harder on him. But I guess it’s his show.

There’s something off-putting, perversely adolescent about Bill’s demeanor, I can’t pin point what exactly it is. You can tell he gets a giggly joy out of saying the Word. He’s not sorry. He’s not embarrassed. He’s not even annoyed, really, at the whole thing.

He’s a pervert. He likes being scolded. He creams at the attention.

I think generally we tend to see racism as something brutally simple, plainly stupid. That might very well be true, but there’s something Weird about racism, too, something libidinal, you know? Like you can tell it gives these fucks joy to make racist utterances and be violent. It gets them off.

Where is Freud when we need him?

I feel like racism is actually a specific formation of a more general tendency. When you boil it all down (Capitalism, colonialism, racism) you’re left with ego-ism as the most elemental. On every continent you will find intra-race ‘racism’ and petty hatreds between people who frankly are not that different from each other. Europe, because of the general arrogance, is absolutely the worst in this regard, but it happens everywhere.

Racism in America works in a different way. Usually, when it’s not screaming at you on public transit (which, believe me, happens in every city every day) it’s usually present as a general context, a subdued background, the putrid asymmetry in the social fabric, if you catch my drift. It’s subtle, it’s in the air.

American racism, the general sense, operates by blending seamlessly into the reality-system of capitalism, as it reproduces-itself-in-us everyday…


It’s there, the racism, but it’s marketed as normalcy, sold as if it’s not toxic at all. The American dream. The terrifying tension in the United States right now is the cracking, the splitting fibers of this sealed-dream. The contradictions that prop up normalcy are beginning to bend and warp. Something is going to happen soon.

As long as the United States is a capitalist nation the problems will continue. It doesn’t matter if capitalism is color-blind, exploiting other human beings is part of the program, a vital function of the machine as it gobbles up Nature and shits out dollars. It’s an hysterical myth to act like racism was banished from the United States long, long ago. For every ranch-style house sprawling the desert with it’s pre-fab mediocrity there’s a long chain of earth-rape and back-breaking labor and poverty wage-slavery, funneling the life-energy, the labor, the wealth upwards to a fat cat. Fuck.

What’s it gonna be? How long will this go on? What’s going to happen with climate change? What will the world be like in 20 years?

Becca Human

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