This is what I think of ‘war’-

Veljkovic (from Vice)

I just finished reading The Gods Are Athirst by Anatole France.

I been doin’ a lot of book learnin’, seeing as I don’t have a Jay-Oh-Bee, and, by god, this one was a masterpiece.

Our starving painter meets a fancy noblewoman who gets him appointed to the revolutionary tribunal of Jacobin France. Robespierre is his Jesus, he goes mad with power and fanaticism, relieving bodies of their heads in the name of Fraternity and Justice and Love and Reason.

The people have enough of the Reign of Terror. They seize the jurors and Robespierre and, well…

peripety is such a fantastic word. The flip, the twist of fate, the hamartia, the karma, the proof that we are little blind mortals, ‘playthings of nature.’ We can’t even decide a direction for a revolutions of love.

Tell me how you feel about this picture-

Sunny Day Real Estate

We are all Quasimodo. We are all Robespierre. We are all Lucretius. We are all…

hunchback-1 kultguys keep


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