some words on the baseball field

I feel like it’s not right to talk about it so soon. It’s beyond indecent, it’s disgusting. We need a moment just for humanity, just to acknowledge our mutual condition of life, of existence, which has just been extinguished by madness.

Madness is not a natural force. Madness can be thwarted, uprooted, and the soil in which grows can be changed, cured, purified for new blossoms of children’s laughs, tranquil productivity, harmony. I’m sorry to the families of the senators and police and to the people in the neighborhood. It’s fucked up.

Fuck. What an insane country.Forgive my disgusting analytical probings. In my defense I can only say that I was not the first to dig into the corpses with a social gaze. I feel ashamed. I cross myself. I pray for the safety of humanity in the ever-turbulence of history-unfolding. I should keep my mouth shut.

This is never the way to do things. Don’t hurt other people. Even if the things they do make them accomplices to mass-hurt. Don’t stoop.

The most prominent line being spewed right now, that this was due to the current political climate, will give a new reason for the neoliberal center to exist. One article had a shadowy picture of Bernie, as he shut the door. Dramaturgy already.

I am immediately reminded of Orwell’s 1984, when he is describing the kinds of political resistance that are possible under Big Brother. ‘There’s nothing one can do, except take upon yourself to blow up some buildings or kill some people.’ You remember that part. How prophetic. No resistance is possible except in the form of suicidal individual outbursts.

You could read this event in so many ways. Notice how the media is not at all, not yet at least, discussing the man’s neuro-chemistry or his ego-psychology, as they do every time a deranged loner sadboy kills 15 children at an elementary school or murders families in a movie theater. In that scenario the mainstream outlets cling with white knuckles to their ideology of individual psychiatry, completely eschewing the social and psychoanalytical determinations, which of course, would put our whole unnatural capitalist society in question.

The situations are not the same, of course, besides being the act of individuals bespelled with Thanatos attacking the body-public. Right now it’s all ‘Sanders supporter is a terrorist, radical left activist murderer,’ bla bla bla. How many people die in the wars these senators support? How many die from the lack of healthcare their idiocy denies? I won’t fucking go there. I don’t want to talk about this.

I tend to laugh at American leftists when they talk violence. It’s so obvious they’ve never felt the vicinity of war in anything but the rumble of their playstation controllers. This sort of thing is tragic, regardless of the motives or context, because it’s the death of human beings. It’s also cowardly and unproductive. This tragedy is going to be horrible for the American left. It’ll set back any gains made for years, many years. It will always be used as a television counter-point, as a tear-jerker and fear-monger anti-americanism.

The guy was crazy, you have to be crazy to do some fucked-up shit like that. But this is a crazy world. This is an insane society.  I’m glad the men who were attacked are O.K. I’m thankful to the police officers who were there to contain it.

God Damn. What a symptom. It’s time to change, America.



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