on big brother & shit, yah

I like the outrage I’m seeing/reading/hearing over the FCC regulations being overturned, and then ‘any substantially similar’ legislation being banned. We should be outraged. This might be our last chance to be outraged.

Well, I dunno. I grew up in a world where we always assumed this sort of thing happened- that there was a large room somewhere, underneath the Nevada desert, where the FBI was listening in on phone calls and stuff. The post-cold war, post-9/11 zeitgeist. I, at least, always had this image in my imagination. The Feds, the Authorities, the Man. My drug dealers generally agreed with me on this, preferring to use nice code words and never writing names. They said it was in case the cops searched their inbox later, in court, if they were caught up, but I know the stoner paranoia had them picturing that secret base, too.

Lynn Hershman Leeson

But that’s not interesting. That’s libertarian stuff. The interesting part of all this is that it’s not the Feds- it’s the Greedy Corporate Bastards who want to know everything we do on the internet- every move of the mouse and our physical whereabouts as we use the computer. Plot twist! The perfect spin on such a tired dystopian theme. It’s the free market that’s fucking us over, in reality. Not the Faceless State. Of course, naturally, there’s already a tv show about all of this.

One thing I’m not entirely clear on is if the Faceless State can be a client of the Data Collectors and learn everything about a specific public enemy. Probably. They hired a private company to ‘investigate’ the alleged Russiagate or whatever the fuck it’s called this week. There’s plenty of historical precedence for the FBI doing weird, shady shit in the defense of Capitalism. Not to mention the CIA.They’ve even been fucking with BLM in a weird way, too, if you need some fresh, contemporary horror to fuel your outrage.

I hate to resort to George Orwell at a moment like this, it’s just too obvious, the doublespeak. They’re saying it’s good for us. ‘We’ll be able to show you personalized commercials! Give you special salespitches! Predict what you want before you want anything at all!’

Consoling? No? Take the advice of another All-American Google CEO: ‘If you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.’

Feel ashamed of yourself? Good. In the face of MegaCorporations and their Republican puppets commoditizing your virtual self, what’s the refrain?

Be a better Individual. Deal with this massive loss of power and security being ripped from you by the hands of the High and Mighty billionaires and their demagogues by being more honest with yourself, alone. American Ideology is so obscenely present. America, you’re naked.

Lynn Hershman Leeson

For some reason I feel like this was all inevitable, a product of history, unfolding from the founding principles of the united states. Tell a vision fascism.

All the secrets of our lives quantified, as private property of a leech class of California White Boy Billionaires who shame and humiliate you and tell you to buck up and be more upright about the whole thing. They know us, collectively, better than we know ourselves; our nation wages wars we don’t understand and don’t talk about as we are hooked to the Netflix Feed while pretending to be brave, bold, sexy adventurers of modernity on the ‘Gram.

It’s all perfect for the next commercial dystopia; we’ll feast on our own images, ravenously, never satisfied with the hologram.

I promise I’m not so maladjusted and bitter and a lonely madman as all of that sounds. I’m just trying to come to grips with everything. Of course, in the realest sense of life, there is nothing They can do to stop us from actually just deciding, now, or one day, to live in a different way, to reimagine everything, and live together, unmediated by corporations and the state. Whenever we decide to get to it.

Peace. here’s the refrain:

‘Numbers is hardly real and they never have feelings

But you push too hard even numbers have limits!’


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