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The pixelated-faces on the screens and the authoritative voices in the papers are blab-blabbing all about ‘hacks’ now. Did the Ruskies hack the elections? Can I hack my body with this LED screen? How can I hack my mind to be better at talking to people? Tell me how to hack my Iphone, I need … Continue reading soul.hack ideology.hack


On the Conjuncture I

sharp man. i hope you don’t mind if I reblog? thank you for writing this.

Our Invisible Cities

This is a lot. The gravity of the situation hits me in waves. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I had assumed the Obama coalition from 2012 would hold up, given that Obama had made a couple of speeches endorsing Clinton. Michelle had made a really strong one too. I had thought it would be the margin of Obama’s win over Romney, that the bad old familiar order would continue. I didn’t bother to look into the polls or the specific states in the Midwest more closely, Clinton was experienced enough and the Democratic GOTV machine strong enough to carry it home.

Seeing the results come in on 11 pm on Tuesday, I felt a sinking familiar to me from past election nights. I was now numb to the painful realization that the familiar, comfortable liberal world of the late 90s and early 2000s was ultimately over. This certainty has been…

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