millennial words on election2016: deep breaths


Reality check: 2016

Jesus Christ, this election.

I wish we could vote for Jesus Christ. Actually, no, because I wouldn’t want to put a good being into the vat of hell that is our system of power.

Sidenote: have you ever stopped to think about what kind of person would want to be president/CEO of the United States of America, Inc.? Really, who would actually want to be “behind the wheel” so to speak, who would be so audacious to think they’re the one, the only one, who could and should be in front of the cameras, taking the heat, supposedly calling the shots, definitely taking all the blame? What kind of neurosis is that?

There’s a still a month to go with this fuckin’ thing, this bonanza spectacle. I feel hysterical, depressed, confused, jaded, and kind of amused all at once. I’m afraid for my friends and family. I’ll admit it. But what I want to do with this text is facilitate a collective deep breath. A sober and calm look at what that train-wreck sound coming from every electromagnetic image-orifice could really be. I want to ask a few questions about what this ritual we call “elections” means- how do we define and experience “elections,” versus what we are actually doing..

So take a deep breath, comrade, (:

The Red Ones and the Blue Ones/Pepsi and Coke/Chevy and Ford; the candidates:

So much of this feels like high school, in a way. Again, I ask the question- what kind of person would want to be president? How massive is the roaring vacuum in your heart, that you would dance through this fucked up fashion show and vie for supremacy, to be America’s Most Wanted? Let’s take a look at our candidates this year, 2016 years into human civilization:


The Blue One: He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

I don’t like to say his name- it makes my mouth feel disgusting. I don’t even like to see the abstract symbols which phonetically spell his name in our language- it makes me sad. By now, everyone knows everything about this fella, this fucking shyster, crook, toupee clad con-artist, this retrograde, regressive racist, fiscally and morally bankrupt buffoon with the cognitive and linguistic skills of a spoiled toddler. His twisted ugly mug gets everyone angry. Even the most evil of the evil despise him- he is simply not smart enough to be the snake-oil salesman the CEOs & Financiers need.

I mean, if he got elected, he very easily could be bent and manipulated to do whatever They tell him- in that case They really wouldn’t even have to explain their policies to him, how dumping such-and-such billions through the Federal Reserve into the Stock Market will artificially raise blah-and-blah, so-and-so; no, They would most probably just literally hand him a script and give him nice compliments afterwards.

The only reason He is not receiving funding from the usual Corporate donors is because to support him is too obvious- the evil like at least one smoke screen, at least one or two trick turns and friendly, PC facades. The reason He doesn’t have Wall Street support is because They are deeply afraid of the damage and unrest He is already causing- the potential to link Black Lives Matter, Student Debt protestors, Campaign finance crusaders, environmentalists, Good Honest People, and Revolutionary Communists is inherent in all those who would rally to destroy Him. They know They would stand to lose in the ensuing showdown of a He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named inauguration. They know He would rock the boat too much.

The “Rawness” some people see in him to me is such a rich sociological development. It shows many things; it’s a subtle and interesting dialectic. We see the impact cultural wars have had on our blasted political landscape- because He is too dumb to be political and diplomatic; people (I’m assuming here the suburban white teenagers, the internet trolls) think he is a great resistor of “totalitarian” safe-spaces and Liberal political correctness. “He says what he feels” people say. This obsession with “authenticity” is a peculiarly American phenomenon- people have a subtle, vague hunch that politicians sound and function an awful lot like commercials, brands, for themselves. In a capitalist society where we literally meet on the personality market (Tinder) and exchange our personality packages, everyone is hunting for that one person who just Doesn’t Care, someone who doesn’t want to be liked by you, who is free from having to play the simulacrum maze charades of interacting in our false society.

But I think He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is deeply aware of this. That is literally what his business is- putting his brand name on stuff other people have made or already done and selling it for more… not to mention he is a reality tell-a-vision star. If he knows anything, it’s how to sell. He knows how to tap into and exploit the ache for authenticity that Americans crave.

(I personally think that any attempt to “be your self” is always doomed to be contrived and false. Instead we should strive to not be bothered by such preoccupations and just live life! Breathe deep now!)

The Red One: Big Sister

Ohhh God. It takes a little bit of research (but not much) to get her name and number; to find out who she is, what she’s done in the world, what she will do. A few months back, standing across from Bernie Sanders, She was so obviously an android, so obviously a slogan-spouting functionary, so obviously a little machine where Rich People insert a nominal fee and neoliberal policies in patriotic dressings and poesies come out.

She promises status quo- and the scared and anxious nation will bet on her for it. She seems benign and uninteresting; she is hard to pay attention to. But she is cunning and aware and uses this to her advantage.

An example of what she does takes a little geopolitical abstracting- domestically, she is guaranteed to consistently broker No Change while appeasing in rhetoric and symbolism the demands of my generation’s fragmented social justice movements…, she will pay lip service to the hurts of black folk and will probably employ a strategy of celebrating “advancement” and cultural progress whenever something fatal and tragic happens in a community of color. She will not make college more affordable- she will make loans easier to get. She will not forgive student debt- she will lower the interest rate. She will not initiate renewable energy industries- she will subsidize coal and petrol and shift our carbon limits to other countries, she will blame china, Russia, and brazil for polluting. She supports Fracking and wanted to go-ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline.

Most Americans (including myself, until last week) have no clue what’s going on in the middle east. We are too confused and afflicted in our minds to sort through it all. But the research has been done. Some people (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Politico, for example) have written it out pretty clearly for us. It is on this out-of-sight, out-of-mind level where Her evil really is abundant and obvious. An Example- on the campaign trail and through-out Her career she has consistently supported Israel in all their endeavors… but through her Foundation, she has brokered weapons contracts with the Saudis and other enemies of Israel. She is a player, a hustler, an amoral, corporate capitalist.

She is the sociopathic millionaire version of a suburban mother, a corporate panhandler and geopolitical monopoly player who practices theatrics, not politics, who pretends to support the oppressed peoples of America while creating millions of ruined homes and lives abroad. Everything she says just sounds like the crafted script of Public Relations experts, teams of sociologists and statisticians and semiologists telling her “here, tell Black Lives Matter about your public spirit, tell the young latinos about Dream-like America, but you also need to help out Big Coal, so say this, too,…” and outcomes the flaccid and cold morphisms that twist knots in our guts with falsity and double-speak.


And again, Breathe Slowly Now.

It’s perhaps misguided to think that anything will change with the election of just one person- even if it is in the most prominent (or most symbolic) seat. Come November we will see the Machine lurch forward again, with no vision or plan this time, not even in glittering promises to be left behind on the campaign trail. I think that if She gets elected, the Machine will be involved in dangerous conflicts abroad- the atmosphere will be militaristic, fearful, anxious, the police state and jingoistic narrow mindedness will reign. If He gets elected, riots (uncontrolled and unsanctioned and REAL) will flood the streets of every city. Race problems, ugly and brutal, will erupt. The conflicts won’t stop until He is impeached, a sacrifice and blood letting the Power Elite would gladly sanction if only to stop the shaking of the Machine.

BERNIE, come back!

I’m glad this jolly old man didn’t get nominated- the senate and the house would never work with him, they would filibuster and foil his every attempt to make policy. The media apparatus would smear his name and the name of Socialism along with it. He is a good man. He dodged a catastrophe by not getting elected. And, the social engineering and sabotage against him succeeded in alienating my generation from the Democratic party and the mainstream corporate charade that is American “Democracy.”

And Jill Stein.

She is obviously a smart woman- a vote for the greens is worthwhile, don’t be fooled by the mainstream voices saying no. if they get 5% of the electorate, then they receive funds to continue their activities. She is an important voice today, what with impending climate apocalypse. She is a spiritual person, a pretty and sweet woman, with crack economic and social understanding, pragmatic and idealistic at the same time, what we could really use right now. She would do much to ease the unconscious seething anxiety of the nation. But The People Who Control the World would never, NEVER, let her be elected- only a social revolution would be capable of putting this nice lady in the driver’s seat.

And the libertarian guy.

I get libertarians- I really do. I was born in Arizona. I understand the frustration you guys feel (you guys- literally, I’ve never met a female or agender libertarian). I get it, guys. You don’t like corporations, either- you’re all about the ‘individual,’ if it were up to you, we’d all be living back in pioneer days, with big knives and survival knowledge and gritty 5 o’clock shadow. But you guys have it twisted- its not “big guberment” that is manipulating you- the government is a relatively objective machine- it is a codified apparatus that can be occupied by anyone, theoretically. The problem right now is that our government is hi-jacked by mega-billionaires. The whole free-market, “no rules” line is a billionaire’s poem and wet dream- it appeals to you, and it works for them. Get with it, you guys.

I didn’t intend to go on so long. But there is certainly a lot to say. I think everything will be more or less the same- if She wins, more wars, if He wins, more riots. If She wins, we will be stuck in 2000… the Machine will run on for a few more years still. If He wins, the Machine might actually break down.

What we really need to do, I mean come on, let’s just fucking say it, is have a massive social revolution, establish localized digital democracy, and create the beautiful, ecological socialism of the 21st century and beyond!


We need to join together. Get talking, get reading, talk about politics in public with strangers- we all share the same fate, in a way.


Breathe it in deep and slow.



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